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Created in 2011.

Morceau is a performance piece based on sound and taste, imagined by Raphaelle Latini and Julie Rothhahn.

Morceau is 100% chocolate! Chocolate LPs are played on turntables, in a performance piece where the worlds of music and cuisine interact and intertwine. You are invited to taste a sound and listen to a taste, fascinating questions that are asked and answered in this piece.

The installation consists of a chocolate instrument which when manipulated, generates its own sounds -- and a chocolate LP whose tracks have been composed on this instrument.

The chocolate creates its own music piece, live. The audience attends this unique concert (in which the instrument and the LP are played together) while eating/ enjoying pieces of the chocolate record, creating complex and layered perceptions.

See, Hear, Smell and Taste Chocolate: this work allows the audience to really experience this special ingredient.

Morceau changes depending on the collaborations and the venues where it is performed.

A workshop in advance of the performance may be organized, allowing pastry chefs, hospitality and design students, or audiences passionate about cuisine – to experience with us the relationship of sound to chocolate. These temporary musicians/ chocolate makers will imagine/ create a culinary accompaniment inspired by the sounds heard in the chocolate.


Sound designer : Raphaëlle LATINI
Culinary designer : Julie ROTHHAHN
Production : Groupe Entorse